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    • #Moley R

      A double perfection created by world-awarded designers and engineers — luxurious materials meet cutting-edge innovations used in high-tech spheres up to the space industry. Complete with a robotic hands module, R-kitchen won the “Best of the Best” CES Award. Priced at £248,000 for premium configuration, it streamlines the everyday culinary experience bridging the gap between home and professional cooking.

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    • #Moley X

      Preserving the profound traditions of cooking technologies evolution, we have created the kitchen that embodies the top engineers' achievements in the last 200 years. As the brain of X-Kitchen, the central processor foresees the required sequences, navigates complex appliances' operations, and helps you cook meals from around the globe. Priced at £99,099 for a premium configuration, X-kitchen is set for upgrade to R-kitchen via robotic system installation without changing the main kitchen module.

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