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The Moley kitchen is a fully automated kitchen unit, consisting of cabinets, robotic arms and hands, a recipe recording system, a connected GUI screen with access to a library of recipes, and a full set of kitchen appliances and equipment that have been optimized for both for robot and human use.

Moley Robotic Kitchen facilitates limited contact during food preparation and the integrated safe UV-disinfection of the worktop and the air in the cooking zone. It minimizes the risk of COVID-19 and other virus and bacterial contamination.

The robotic apparatus comprises two highly complex robotic hands and different types of sensor that are integrated in high-precise and light weight frame structure. They have the ability to replicate the movements of a human hand, while the robotic chef is capable of recreating the skills of human chefs such as learning new recipes.

Each Moley kitchen is bespoke, ensuring that the finished design meets your wants, needs and vision for your dream interior. To discover more options and decide what’s best for you, contact our sales department or check out our Kitchen Configurator.

Discover the robotic kitchen

The Moley kitchen is a fully automated kitchen unit, consisting of cabinets, robotic arms and hands, a recipe recording system, a GUI screen with access to a library of recipes, a full set of kitchen appliances and equipment optimized for robot and human use.
Complete with a variety of sensors and integrated into a high-precision lightweight frame, robotic hands recreate the skills of human chefs.
Each Moley kitchen is bespoke, tailored to your wants, needs and vision. To discover set and design options, contact our sales department or check out our Kitchen Configurator.
Monitor Guided User Interface (GUI)

A sophisticated, large GUI touchscreen is another point of difference for the Moley kitchen. With the help of the GUI, you can instruct the robot to create a particular recipe, define the ingredients, set the temperature for refrigerators, record the new recipes, operate appliances, open drawers and find utensils and ingredients without ever having to touch them. All the information about your kitchen and its settings are displayed on the GUI screen. The GUI screen allows you to operate a complex system with simple operations.

Its library of recipes and tips from chefs allow you to leave the cooking to the robot or choose to cook for yourself when you’re in the mood. As a result, Moley makes healthy eating easy.

Automated protective screen

In addition to the Moley robot’s safety and reliability, we also added an automated protective screen. You don’t need to worry about being scalded by bubbling pans or sizzling sauces.

The automated screen closes when the robot starts the cooking process, preventing people and pets from any interference. If you choose to cook yourself, the protective screen remains open.

Sophisticated robotic hands

Moley’s fully rotational robotic hands are the first of their kind. They were developed in collaboration with the most advanced robotic design teams, using the latest gripping technology and high-precision agility mechanics.

The Moley robotic hands can replicate the movements of a human hand, slide over the workspace, operating utensils and ingredients with care, and are safely stored in the cabinet when you don’t need them.

Smart refrigeration and storage

Eight separate sections of Moley refrigerator maintain an optimum temperature curve for different types of ingredient. Automatic doors are easy to open by both the robot and people.

The fridge is supplemented with special vacuum containers for optimal storage of ingredients. Smart technology keeps track of your stock of ingredients, telling you when you need to top up or replace anything. You can even limit the storage opening times of every section individually to manage calorie-controlled diets or implement password-protected refrigerators, giving you complete control.

Appliance storage

The idea behind the automatic storage system is that any item can be delivered to the cooking area automatically. Smart appliance storage has various sensors allowing the robot to see and find all the appliances, and track their location in real time.

All our appliances are designed in such a way that they are easy to use by both humans and Moley Robot. The robotic kitchen is functionally designed so that everything has its rightful place maintaining clean lines and a minimalist look.

Automated cookware storage

Practical, functional and stylish, engineers have created automated storage space designed especially for pans and pots. Each item has its own dedicated location, providing easy access to cookware on your command. The cookware slides out automatically from the storage when required, and can be used by both robot and humans. Smart sensors detect which kitchen cookware is in the storage in real time, advising you on what to use in case you are cooking yourself. To be more convenient for a human, cookware storage can be pulled out frontally, giving you full access to the cookware.


A double perfection created by world-awarded designers and engineers — luxurious materials meet cutting-edge innovations used in high-tech spheres up to the space industry. Complete with a robotic hands module, R-kitchen won the “Best of the Best” CES Award.

Create your robotic kitchen

Preserving the profound traditions of cooking technologies evolution, we have created the kitchen that embodies the top engineers' achievements in the last 200 years. As the brain of X-Kitchen, the central processor foresees the required sequences, navigates complex appliances' operations, and helps you cook meals from around the globe.

Create your robotic kitchen
Total transparency and full control at your fingertips

X Kitchen is an Internet of Things (IoT) kitchen that has the same architecture and sub-systems as a robotic kitchen, allowing it to be upgraded to a robotic kitchen by adding further modules at any time.

X Moley Kitchen is the new generation of kitchens with the same architecture and smart subsystems as the robotic kitchen. It has one central control panel so you can operate kitchen processes at the touch of a button: from separate refrigerated spaces for different temperature settings, to the recipe catalogue that learns what you like, makes recommendations and keeps track of ingredients. The X-Kitchen doesn’t have robotic hands, but it can be upgraded to the robotic kitchen at any time and without changing the whole kitchen ensemble. Cooking with our kitchen is easy!

Robotic hand

The five-finger robotic hand is one of the key features of the kitchen. It is a revolutionary product, even amongst those that are comparable in the market. Thanks to sensors at the end of the arms, the robot can sense the pressure on the hand from different directions, which ensures the correct hold of objects and ingredients in the hand.

Developed in collaboration with world-leading German robotic company SCHUNK, Moley’s exclusive hand partner, the anthropomorphic hand can operate appliances and use pre-contained ingredients in the same way that a person would. That means it can use cookware and utensils, operate touchscreen appliances, and tidy up kitchen surfaces when it’s finished. Meanwhile, thanks to its adaptive operating system, it can also learn to use new pieces of equipment as well.

It went through 11 development cycles instead of the three that were planned, in order to ensure that the required specification, reliability and safety levels were achieved.

The hand was tested on 100,000 operation cycles, which is what makes the level of reliability unique for anthropomorphic robotic hands.

The first of its kind, the Moley robotic hand is patented in countries around the world and is designed to be practical as well as aesthetically pleasing. Its industrial grade components ensure it can withstand daily use, making it dependable and easy-to-use, whilst producing meals that any chef would be proud of.

Commercial Kitchens

When our first robotic kitchen prototype was launched at the Hannover Messe in 2015, it generated much interest in the hotel, restaurant and catering industries. We are currently in the process of building integrated robotics solutions for commercial kitchens, including separate component technologies as well as a complete cooking experience.

The commercial robotic kitchen will be adaptable and customised to individual requirements, supporting hotels, restaurants, healthcare and educational institutions, as well as care homes. By automating processes, it reduces costs and delivers healthy, freshly cooked, gourmet food, safely and efficiently.

Our vision is especially relevant in the wake of the global Coronavirus pandemic, as well as any other epidemiological situation, when people are particularly concerned about hygiene and have greater need of a contactless service to avoid the transmission of disease where possible. We understand that any inaccuracy in the robotic kitchen’s functionality could lead to vast disruption in the production process, which is unacceptable in a commercial environment. Therefore, we run extensive tests on technologies, in order to deliver a reliable and functional commercial product without compromise.

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